Google rebrands cloud storage services as Google One

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Google One, Google’s new subscription plan for cloud storage, is now available to users nationwide. Google One is Google Drive with additional features, with subscribers offered a range of extra benefits across Google.

Three months ago, Google announced Google One, a new cloud storage service for consumers. Over the last few months, users with paid Google Drive plans have been upgraded to Google One.

Today, Google is making Google One available to everyone.

Google One enables added Google Drive storage, in addition to the opportunity to obtain more user operation from Google, especially for those individuals who require more than the 15GB of free storage space all Google Drive users receive by default.

While storing photos and videos on Google Photos is free, each user was limited to saving the compressed versions. Nonetheless, paying for a One subscription offers the opportunity for a user to save the original, high-resolution versions of saved photos and videos.

Additional benefits include 24/7 access to Google Support, and the option to share a plan with up to five other family members.

Notably, Google is also offering Google Play credits, deals on hotels found on Google Search, and Google Store discounts.

Currently, consumers are viewing Google rebranding Google Drive as Google One and changing the pricing plans around a little.

The company’s commitment to offering extra benefits across Google suggests Google sees Google One growing into something much more significant. In the future, Google One subscription may offer a premium version of the whole Google experience.