Google set to launch a program that will mimic human conversation

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 5 years ago

Google has launched a new project to make the company more intimate with its users. Google’s new digital butler is called Google Assistant. The assistant is similar to Amazon Echo. Google hopes the assistant can speak to users.

Conversation experts are skeptical about the human touch.”To be able to imitate human conversation is not going to be easy. Said Bell, Simple tasks such as texting a friend and playing music can be done by a simple voice command Intel’s cultural anthropologist. “There is something about speech that is human.”

There are already players in the digital butler space. Contenders include Facebook and Amazon. Facebook announced they were working on chatbots. The chatbots shall be able to chat with users via Facebook messenger. The bots will handle simple frequently asked questions.

Apple and Microsoft have also been working overtime to bring their assistants to life. Computers can now talk to man thanks to the countless layers of code. Amazons Alexa can even respond to customer queries.
Google Assistant will be housed in the application called Allo. To be able to talk to people a smart speaker called Google Home comes into play. TA simple voice commands can do simple tasks such as texting a friend and playing music

Talking robots looked like a far-fetched dream. Google aims to have an assistant that can answer questions in real time.

The bone of contention is how digital butlers will fit in family conversations. Computers have never been here before. Creators are keen on adding the personal component. A digital butler should be able to get into family conversations just like any member of the family.