Google sues Uber over ‘stolen’ driverless car tech

Avatar By Sarah Webb | 4 years ago

Driverless cars: Google’s Waymo accuses Uber of stealing self-driving “secret recipe.”

For the movie buffs, autonomous cars have featured in films for years such as Demolition man, I and Minority Report. The cars are now becoming a reality thanks to great minds that have been hard at work to make what was science fiction, a real new technology.

Google has not been left behind and is in the final stages of testing its autonomous car program. Tesla driver’s on the other hand, are already enjoying an ‘autopilot’ feature in their cars that allows drivers to sit back on highways and let the car drive on its own. In Pittsburgh, customers can now hail a driverless Uber to take them wherever they want to go.

Google’s autonomous car maker Waymo, has sued Uber accusing the cab company of stealing 14,000 files with the intention of copying its sensing technology.

Waymo says Uber in conjunction with Otto, a company Uber bought last year, had stolen plans for Waymo’s Lidar, which is a laser-based sensing technology. The complaint which was filed in California, alleges that Otto’s Lidar technology is actually Waymo’s Lidar technology. Although the technology is not new, Waymo claims that its technology comes at a tenth of the price.

Waymo went on to say that its company’s engineers worked on the technology for seven years while Otto managed the same technology in nine months.