Google to advance deeper into artificial intelligence research

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Google has opened a new European research center dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence.
Based in Zurich, the team will focus on machine learning, natural language understanding, and computational perception.

“We are very ambitious concerning growth. The only limiting factor will be talent,” said Emmanuel Mogenet, who will be the head of the unit. Speaking to Journalists who had gathered in Zurich to hear more about the Company’s plans on artificial intelligence, he said he has no limits on how big he can grow the team.

He added that machine learning is already the secret sauce in a lot of Google products including search, spam filters, translation and content removal. Newer products such as the virtual helper Google assistant, messaging app Allo and self-driving cars also have components of artificial intelligence.
Mr. Mogenet told the journalist that the world was on the brink of a brand new era of computing.

He explained that Google has always focused on the business of natural language because that is how people do their search on the internet, but they (Google) have never understood the question. Google just matches the keywords with content and rank that content smartly.

Google’s AI team DeepMind based in London was recently embroiled in controversy when word went out that it had access to the health care data of millions of patients. Google also plans to build a commonsense database so that computers can understand obvious things about the world.