Google to release a range of products on October 4

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Google has a weird yet intriguing way of advertising things. Tech lovers have been buzzing for a while after Google announced that they would have major releases this coming October. However the company declined to say what they would be released, but recently did it in their typical unique way.

They released a video showing a Google search bar slowly expanding into the outline of a phone. Many have now clouded that Google plans to release their new Pixel phone to replace the Nexus. The Nexus has not been as successful as other Google products, and they have constantly had to work with other Android brands in coalition with Nexus to get customer approval.

The Pixel will come in two versions, the 5 inch and the 5.5 inch; however, the phones are believed to be pricey as they attempt to compete with Samsung and iPhone. We expect two Pixel phones: a 5-inch version only referred to in rumors as ‘Pixel’ and a 5.5-inch version called the ‘Pixel XL,” said popular tech blogger Ron Amadeo. “With the advent of Google’s dedicated hardware division, the “Nexus” line of phones is dead.”

However, Tech experts believe that knowing Google they don’t just intend to release the device, they aim to have an extensive list of products lined up. Most probable they also plan to release Google Home, their virtual reality device to rival Amazon Echo.