Google: We have sold our mystery barge

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 5 years ago

Google made headlines last year for its mysterious barges that were docked in Portland, Maine and San Francisco, California. Recently Google confirmed that they had sold one of those barges.

The barges were expected to be a showroom for some of Google’s latest products, as well as a place to educate people on some of those new products, such as Google Glass. Despite this, Google never officially revealed what the barges would be used for. On Thursday however, it was confirmed that one of the barges, the one in Portland, was being sold.

The reason for the selling of the barge is likely due to patent issues delaying the project that was set to launch in November. Documents related to the barge showed that it had a layout including sails that were similar to fish fins, and it was set to be four stories.

The barge had a total of 63 shipping containers and was estimated to be worth $4 million. Google also paid an estimated $400,000 in docking fees to the city of Portland since it was docked there in October. The barge has now been sold and will be taken to an unknown location.

Despite the sale of the barge, there is still one left in Google’s possession. Rumors continue to emerge about what exactly the barge might be used for, and many are hoping that it will not suffer the same fate as its brother.

The remaining Google barge is sitting idly in Stockton, California, leading to the suggestion that it may also end up being sold soon.