Google will include tweets in search results after historic deal

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 6 years ago

According to NDTV, Google and Twitter have announced that they are teaming up to display tweets in Google’s search results, repairing a bond that was cut in 2011. The deal works out great for both companies – Google will be able to offer more results to searches in real time, and twitter users enjoy new engagement when their posts show up in a search.

Twitter’s vice president, Jana Messerschmidt, said the company was excited that the unique, real-time content posted by its users will now have access to a much wider audience.

Tweets will begin to show up in Google app and mobile web searches first, and will expand to desktops as well as into other countries in the next few months.

Internet users will enjoy deeper integration between the two platforms. Under the new partnership, users will be able to search for trending hashtags directly into their search bar.

Google product manager Ardan Arac wrote in a blog post that the new integrated search function is “a great way to get real-time info when something is happening.” People witnessing an event typically head to twitter to report on what they have just seen, whereas Google will show results only once a story on an instance has been written and published.

This isn’t the first time Google has shown tweets in its search results, and Microsoft’s Bing search engine already has integrated the Twitter platform in their results. Twitter and Google have simply decided to take this idea seriously, and will combine their powers to create an unstoppable real-time news machine.