Google’s Dandelion uses ground energy to heat and cool homes

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Dandelion, a subsidiary of Google Inc., has revealed a smart heating and air conditioning system that uses energy from the ground to regulate a user’s home temperature.

Dandelion Air is a geothermal system that moves heat between the house and the ground, using plastic pipes and a pump that transports heat to the building in winter and pushes heat to the ground in summer.

The American-based geothermal tech company says Dandelion Air is nearly twice as efficient as typical air conditioning systems, and four times more efficient than traditional furnaces.

According to the Dandelion Air website, consumers can purchase the geothermal system  outright or pay for the costs over time. Dandelion estimates the installation cost to be $20,000, depending on home size. Despite the seemingly expensive cost, the company notes that consumers are likely to save about 20% annually on the cost of home heating and cooling.

The new technology is reported to have a multi-speed fan and compressor for consistent hear and quiet operation, with cloud-connectivity for real-time performance monitoring.  A partner from the company visits the consumers home in order to evaluate whether the home meets the qualifications for installation.

The system is available for most homes in New York State from Wednesday, after a six-month pilot program in the Hudson Valley and Capital District areas.