Googles Emoji Initiative

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Google began an emoji initiative back in May. They proposed a new range of emojis which was more accommodating regarding careers and ethnicity. The move has received a nod from Unicode. Unicode is the creative and overseer in all such matters.

Unicode gave the green light for eleven new emojis. The emojis would be professional. By portraying the various careers of men and women, Google breathed life into Unicode. With the inspiration, thirty-three emojis has a feminine side.

Google is the watchdog, making sure everyone is comfortable with new upgrades in the tech world. The facelift is set to hit Android devices in the next installment of phones. The motivation behind the female doubles is feminism. It was about time emojis represented equality.

“It is funny to imagine there were only three female emoji. A dancer, a princess, and a bride were common ones in Facebooks posts and Whatsapp messages,” said a Unicode representative. “It is surprising no one notices it until Google pointed it out.”

Male emojis are widespread and judging from the success, career oriented emojis such law-enforcement officers, cyclists, and surfers have enjoyed, their female counterparts will be appealing. The World Emoji day is around the corner and the Emojis are set to be released on that day.

Google’s proposal was entitled Expanding Emojis Profession and reducing Gender Inequality. Another piece by Amy Butcher, Emoji Feminism sheds light on the deplorable state of affairs with the female emoji.In her op-Ed Amy Butcher would ask sensitive questions. Some of these issues were, how come there was space for a Bento box, as women struggled to occupy only three emoji positions.