Guy found a mysterious hole in his backyard

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

1. Recently, one man took social media to share a mysterious hole he has found near his house

2. So, he posted the pictures of his peculiar find asking for help to find out what it is

3. At first, it seemed to be an ordinary hole but something seemed suspicious

4. So he started digging and saw an entire layer of bricks

5. They even found a large stone stopper inside the hole

6. It soon became an archaeological site

7. “Small metal button found in the hole”

8. The whole was actually 4 feet wide chamber

9. “A pipe seemingly going to the chamber from the direction of the house”

10. After digging for a while they finally reached the bottom of the chamber

11. “Some items retrieved from the chamber”

12. So, without hesitation, he posted these images online asking what this mysterious hole might be hiding?

13. And unfortunately, he received an answer he was probably not expecting…