How Google Plans To Win Business Customers

Avatar By Billy Kirk | 4 years ago

On Thursday Google pushed forward its efforts of becoming the “It” technology company by rebranding its cloud computing division to Google Cloud. It also includes a newly labeled application unit G Suite.

Corporate rebrandings are sometimes mere marketing strategies with little or no substance. But in the case, Google, has several different tech services which range from calendar apps to database tools that it looks to combine in this venture. What Google wants to achieve is make things simpler by bringing everything thing into one broad category.

“One way Google plans to counter that notion is by hiring more professional services staff, ” Google’s vice president Brian Stevens told Fortune. In February Google employed the former VMware executive Jason Martin to supervise Google’s specialized services squad meant to work directly with commerce leaders. At VMware, Jason had a related role.

Stevens also added that Google made an independent consulting unit that is supposed to help customers learn how to use Google’s sophisticated data center technology. Niantic, a Google Cloud customer, was helped by the new team troubleshoot what went wrong when Pokemon Go mobile game had some significant performance issues during the summer. At this time Pokemon Go was being played quite popularly.

Such kind of close business affiliation might persuade companies to give Google an opening.
With time, we will see if Google can help John Deeres of the world what it did for the creators of Pokemon Go.