How old you feel may impact your real biological age: report

Avatar By Neil Raymond | 2 years ago

Is it possible that how old you feel that you are is your actual biological age? Studies suggest that it’s true, according to Medical News Today.

Jeanyung Chey, of the Seoul National University in South Korea, started the research by asking herself: “Why do some people feel younger or older than their real age?” Moreso, could it be that how young or old they feel accurately reflects their biological age? The body actually has two ages: the chronological age and the biological age that is the body’s real age.

Potential answers to her question are “depressive states, personality differences, or physical health,” she explains.

“However, no one had investigated brain aging processes as a possible reason for differences in subjective age.” She adds.

Chey and her colleagues set out to do their own research, and used MRI’s to detect signs of aging in the brains of 68 healthy people aged 59–84.

All of the senior citizens involved in the study  were also invited to fill out a survey that asked them to answer questions about how young they felt. Specifically, they were asked if they felt younger, older, or just as old as their biological age. The survey also included questions regarding their cognitive abilities and self-perceptions of their health.

Overall, the participants who reported feeling younger than their chromological age had better scores in their memory tests. They were also less likely to feel depressed and felt more optimistic about their well-being. Chey believes that this proves that people who feel younger may have a younger biological age.