Huawei patents smartwatch with Bluetooth earbuds holster

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Chinese-based telecommunications equipment company Huawei has patented a smartwatch that includes a set of built-in Bluetooth earbuds, as noted by LetsGoDigital.

The new patent demonstrates Huawei’s consideration for various ways to store wireless earbuds inside a smartwatch.

After patenting a touch-sensitive bezel, gestures on the back of the hand and a gaming smartwatch, the patent also indicates the company will be specifically manufacturing Bluetooth earbuds-charging pod.

The wireless earphones can either be stored in the wristband or in a holster that is attached to the strap. The built-in solution enables simpler phone calls, noise cancellation, and waterproofing.

Huawei has patented several ways of charging. If the earbuds are stored in the body, they can either be where the watch is attached to the strap or near the locking mechanism on the bottom, based on assessments by LetsGoDigital.

Apple AirPods, combined with Apple Watch, have previously innovated the accessory that provides consumers the ability to wear earphones on the wrist. According to the patent, the docking station can be attached on the wrist on the go, and may also be removed for singular use.

While it remains unknown whether the patent or previous copyrights will appear in an eventual Huawei Watch 3, the company may be collecting patents to support future innovation rights.