Intel in a 3 way race with AMD and Nvidia for graphics chips

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed last week that Intel will produce it;s first discrete graphics chip, set to be available in 2020. This marks the beginning phases of the tech giant’s road towards gaming products, as well as artificial intelligence, which seems to be on track to expand greatly in the coming years.

Ryan Shrout of Market Watch says that although it was rumored Intel would launch the chop at CES 2019 this coming January, the timeline was never adopted by the company. He speculates that it would have been too aggressive, and unrealistic for the development of such a product.

Raja Koduri was brought to the fold in November of 2017, to direct the graphics and compute initiatives of the company. He previously had worked for competitor AMD, and his switch to Intel was thought to be a significant move in the industry. He was a key player in developing the Radeon brand.

Typically, complex graphic architecture and chip development takes about 3 years, so even the 2020 target would be a tall order. Intel’s executive vice president Navin Shenoy has confirmed that the company’s strategy will include solutions for data center segments, such as AI machine learning, along with gaming and professional development.