iPhone X no longer the top selling smartphone

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Apple’s iPhone seems to have reached and now passed its peak popularity, at least for the present time. The iPhone X has been out for 6 months, so it is perhaps not a total surprise.

The iPhone X has been eclipsed by the Galaxy S9 plus, which is Samsung’s top-of-the-line model. The S9 Plus made it’s debut this spring, several months after the iPhone X hit the market.

According to Counterpoint Research, the  iPhone X still remains the best selling phone for Apple, at least as of April, which is the most recent month with available data on the topic.

Although X leads the pack for Apple, iPhone 8 Plus and the smaller iPhone 8 are not far behind, with X and iPhone 8 Plus being in a virtual tie at 2.3 percent of the global smartphone market share. Samsung S9 Plus and Samsung 29 both come out slightly ahead at  2.6 percent each.

Apple still has five of the top 10 selling smartphones worldwide. According to Counterpoint Research, “Apple declined month on month due to seasonality,” the research note says. “Apple continues to dominate the global best-selling smartphone models occupying five spots in the list.” It is unclear at this point if the Samsung Galaxy S series will retain the lead, especially after some reports of phones blowing up, but as of now they remain on top.