ISS deploys harpooning satellite

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

The International Space Station (ISS) has released a satellite, with plans involving the strategic collection and management of intense space debris concerns. The debris management strategy has the capability of harpooning space junk outside of orbit.

RemoveDERBIS was launched by robotic arm Canadarm2. Scientists have secured contact with the 220-pound satellite.

Over the next few months, RemoveDEBRIS will conduct experiments, using its harpoon by 2019. Meantime, RemoveDEBRIS will be utilizing other tools, such as a net and a large drag sail.

“NanoRacks-Remove Debris demonstrates an approach to reducing the risks presented by space debris or ‘space junk,'” NASA says in a statement. “Collisions in space may have serious consequences, but research has shown that removing the largest debris significantly reduces the chance of collisions.”

The space research organization added, “NanoRacks-Remove Debris demonstrates using a 3D camera to map location and speed of debris and deploying a net to capture and de-orbit simulated debris up to 1m in size. Analysis of video of the demonstration runs back on Earth increases understanding of debris that needs removal and how best to do so.”

The mission will comprise of the main satellite platform which will deploy two CubeSats as artificial debris targets to demonstrate net capture, harpoon capture, vision-based navigation, and dragsail de-orbitation technologies.

The RemoveDEBRIS platform will be launched to the ISS using a NanoRacks service and Space X rocket in 2018.