Leaked email suggests Nvidia’s 11-Series arrives late August

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Gamer Meld on YouTube shared an email from an add-in board (AIB) partner that indicates that GTX 1180 cards will be available in late August, with subsequent launches of the GTX 1170 in September and the GTX 1160 in October.

While Gamer Meld did not reveal its source, the YouTube channel said that it received a redacted copy of an email from an undisclosed AIB that was allegedly sent to retailers that would be selling the upcoming cards.

The cadence of the email suggests that retailers were probably expecting an earlier launch date. The message explains that Nvidia delayed the launch of the 11-series cards because the company’s partners and their manufacturers “had an abundance of unfinished or unsold 10xx GPUs” in inventory.

The AIB that sent the message stated that it had already shifted its manufacturing efforts to 11-series cards before Nvidia pushed the launch back; however, the company switched back to 10-series production to clear out its remaining inventory, per Nvidia’s suggestion.

The final batch of 10-series cards should available on store shelves soon, with reasonably good deals. The reported email indicated that the AIB would lower the cost of the final batch of 10-series cards to help rapidly move units to make way for the next-generation 11-series cards.

The email that Gamer Meld obtained indicates that the launch is now scheduled for the end of August. However, it could also reinforce the rumor of the July 30 reveal, according to Toms.

In mid-June, industry sources suggested that Nvidia’s partners would have cards on the market in September. A one-month lead for a Founder’s Edition card from Nvidia is within the realm of possibility.

According to the leaked email, the third-party GeForce GTX 1180 cards should be available on the market on August 30, followed by the GTX 1170 in September.

Notably, Nvidia generally releases the xx80 and xx70 cards within a few weeks of each other. With the prospects of a valid email, the more affordable GTX 1160 should be available by the end of October.