LinkedIn hints on Massive redesign

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

LinkedIn is a platform that tries to connect business, job seekers and entrepreneurs using a social media approach. The concept has worked for large sections, but is still missing the “it” factor. Research shows suffice LinkedIn being created specifically for the job market 70 percent of people looking for job turn to Facebook.

To this effect, LinkedIn has decided to bring a more Social Media aspect to the platform. Their biggest undoing has been how difficult it was to operate the platform. Adding and communicating with other users was tough, making reaching out to potential employees and employers that much harder.
One of the biggest changes is on their messaging system, where direct messaging is easier. They also aim to expand the trending news segment. This will allow more people to interact with the Newsfeed very similar to what Facebook has.

The desktop page is also set to me redesigned to make it easier to navigate as that is still a big problem. Tech experts argue that the changes are being implemented only after Microsoft, their new owners demanded it.

“We want to make sure you’re never missing out,” said Tomer Cohen, head of content, search and discovery products, LinkedIn. “If [for example] I’m working for Uber and everybody’s reading the article about the Lyft CEO [discussing] self-driving cars, I want to make sure I’m reading that as well.”

However, LinkedIn SEO strongly disagreed with this. However, he did admit that they will be borrowing messaging, bot technology from Microsoft. The bot will help you schedule more by messaging you in case of an event. Telling you when to message certain people when it is convenient for them and you according to your trends.