Loupedeck upgrades its photo-editing controller

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 2 years ago

Loupedeck, which far surpassed its Indiegogo target in 2016, gives both amateur and professional photographers the ability to edit pictures on Adobe Lightroom more quickly and intuitively. These features will be further enhanced in LoupeDeck+, a newly announced sequel that introduces mechanical keys, a reworked design, and a custom dial control mode lacking in its predecessor, according to engadget.

The Loupedeck+ is also compatible with both Lightroom and award winning photo-editor Skylum Aurora HDR, as well as additional software in the works. Although the Loupedeck+ design remains mostly the same, the lower left hand corner has replaced the star system with text-based keys, plus a Mac function key. There is also the introduction of custom mode, which will allow users to customize the function of dials to their liking. Not mentioned, however, are buttons or scroll customizations.

Loupedeck has found its niche as the only real custom-built hardware for use with Lightroom, engadget states.  Its minimalist design has the shape of a keyboard and eases the editing process with multiple dials and specific buttons. The improvements are largely ergonomic, and should help make the Loupedeck more intuitive to users. With the partnership of Skylum and planned further integration with professional image editor Capture One, the Loupedeck+ should even further expand its base.

The Loupdeck+ is available for purchase through Amazon, B&H Photo, and Loupedeck Online store. The current cost is $239, but there is a $50 discount available for those who have the original Loupedeck hardware.