Malwarebytes will provide lifetime protection for XP users

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 7 years ago

It’s no secret that Microsoft is cutting off technical support for its Windows XP operating system on April 8. The news has thrown loyal XP users into a frenzy of sorts, as it has essentially given them a deadline for when they must upgrade to a new computer. While some will be fine to stick with XP, whether for basic word processing purposes or other document management uses, the truth is that an end to technical support for the platform means an end in security protection. Because of this fact, XP will essentially become a platform that is unsafe to use online, since it won’t be able to protect itself from any vulnerabilities developed after April 8.

But while Microsoft is pushing for users to upgrade to newer, shinier Windows PCs, there actually is an alternative option for those who wish to continue using Windows XP. According to a recent news post from the site BetaNews, the anti-virus company Malwarebytes has pledged to offer lifetime security support for the Windows XP operating system. The company recently announced its latest Anti-Malware Premium product, giving the product an instant boost by deciding to continue supporting Windows XP – even if Microsoft isn’t  going to be doing so anymore.

Malwarebytes, in addition to its premium software, has long offered a free PC cleaning tool which, according to BetaNews, has been downloaded over 200 million times in its history. However, the company’s flagship is Anti-Malware Premium, which works in harmony with any other anti-virus programs to provide an extra layer of security protection from malicious software threats. Anti-Malware Premium costs only $24.95 for a lifetime license, after which users will be given free upgrades every time a newer version of the software is developed. This is big news for Windows XP users, as it could feasibly allow XP users to continue accessing the internet without having to worry so much about becoming the victim of trojan horse programs or malicious rootkits.

Marcin Kleczynski, the CEO and founder of Malwarebytes, noted that Microsoft has left a lot of loyal XP users in a difficult situation by giving such a close shutdown deadline. The example he used involved large corporate companies who are still using XP on all systems and would have to spend millions to upgrade to newer Windows operating systems across the board. However, even for personal users, using Anti-Malware Premium and keeping XP would represent a huge money savings over purchasing a new computer.

For his part, Klecynzski is certainly hoping such monetary motivations will convince users to stick with Windows XP. Users of the 2001 operating system currently make up about a fifth of the Malwarebytes user base.