Meet Google’s robot; Atlas

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Google or rather Alphabet as they are now called has been doing significant research in the robotics department. The robot was built by Boston Dynamics, a robotics firm bought by Google. They release their first fully automated robot in 2013 in a competition held by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
The new version of the robot is almost seven inches smaller and now measures at just under six feet. It also weighs 180 pounds, 120 pounds less than its predecessor. The drop in size was to make the robot more agile and responsive. It was created to handle disaster management and rescue missions, so the need for agility was paramount.
Google formed over ten research teams on robotics to help develop this robot and come up with new software. The robot uses sensors embedded all over its body to keep its balance. The sensors measure the distances of objects around the robot to ensure it does not bump into them making navigation easy. It also has lasers on its head to help it navigate even more efficiently. It hydronic limbs and join ensure it can move through complex situations such as climbing and walking on a flight of stairs. It is also independent and completely mobile, meaning it is not connected to a computer.
“We have done pretty well since we first released the robot,” said a top official from Boston Dynamics. “Google has a vision, and we are firmly in place to make it a reality.” The company sees this as a profitable venture in the future and has already laid foundations to ensure it is the first to reap the market.