Microsoft OneDrive introduces new anti-ransomware attack solution

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

Microsoft has developed anti-ransomware functionality towards a solution for damage within the OneDrive cloud storage, which will launch within the next several weeks.

Microsoft Office blog reports a duo of technical features now available to Office 365 Home or Personal subscribers, which were first accessible only to OneDrive for Business users. The features operate consecutively to aid subscribers in the recovery of files damaged from ransomware.

The anti-ransomware features mitigate a resolution consisting of a two-step process. Through Ransomware Detection and Recovery, the feature monitors OneDrive, analyzing the system for signs of an attack. The program alerts the user through email, mobile, or desktop notifications. Subsequently, the user is guided through a recovery process using Files Restore.

OneDrive’s feature, Files Restore, supports the restoration of a complete repository to a previous period of 30 days prior to the attack. Additionally, Files Restore can recover the repository from disastrous file activities, such as accidental deletions of entire folders, file corruption, and other extreme events. Subscribers of Office 365 Home or Personal and OneDrive Business can now benefit from rapid recovery efforts for all OneDrive files with manageable notification settings.

All Office 365 subscriptions now include 1TB of storage for up to five user accounts with the Home version and one user with the Personal version. With ample storage, the OneDrive can be a feasible disaster recovery tool, creating a process to keep backups completely disconnected from the PC or laptop where ransomware attacks occur extensively.

Microsoft will be releasing additional protections that include email encryption in, password-protect abilities for OneDrive sharing links, and forwarding restrictions on email messages.