Microsoft replaces Surface 4 Pro tablet screens amid mass reported issues

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Microsoft initiates a replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices affected by screen flickering. Surface Pro 4 units experiencing the problem will be covered for up to three years from the time of original purchase.

“We have heard your feedback and after careful examination, have determined that a small percentage of Surface Pro 4 devices are exhibiting a screen flicker that cannot be addressed with a firmware or driver update,” the company said on its support page with details on the program.

The intrusive flickering has been well-documented on Microsoft’s support forums, with some users facilitating independent solutions to alleviate the issues, such as freezing the devices. Back in February, Microsoft said it was closely monitoring the situation, arriving at a conclusion that there are no independent fixes available.

Microsoft says users that have already purchases replacement screens will be “offered a refund.” The company notes that this three-year coverage will not extend to other problems the Surface Pro may experience outside the warranty period, solely applying to the screen issue. Notably, replacement devices are refurbished Surface Pro 4s.

While documented issues have created a negative reputation for the Surface line, which has been targeted by Consumer Reports for showing poor reliability over the years, numerous Microsoft devices operate at high-performance with suitable technical support available.