Microsoft retains Skype ‘classic’ support after backlash

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Microsoft originally announced in July, encouraging users to upgrade to Skype version 8.0, has received an insurmountable rejection from current consumers.

The multinational technology company announced that classic Skype would be discontinued on September 1, generating a worldwide lament over the “upgrade” and clogged up the comments on the original discontinuation blog post.

According to Microsoft, the decision to continue supporting Skype 7 has been confirmed for “some time”.

The message that was left on the original post, as reported by Microsoft blog Thurrott, explains, “Thanks for all your comments – we are listening.”

Notably, a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET they have nothing more to share beyond the blog post at this time.

Many of the early complaints about Skype 8.0 were that it forced users to upgrade to a new service completely devoid of the features that made Skype classic great. Those changes were made in an effort to make the desktop version of Skype’s UI appear a little more closer to Microsoft’s vision for the app on mobile.

It appears, for now, that Skype classic will continue being supported — at least until Microsoft can transplant much-loved features to its updated version.

While this seems mostly like a case of users feeling discontent with Microsoft’s more forceful exertion of control over a product many people many perceive the update works just fine, the legitimate complaints about the new Skype that may get more readily addressed now that Microsoft is actively listening to feedback and forestalling a discontinuation of Skype 7.

Presently, there are no reports involving the timeframes of the delay.