Microsoft settles $10,000 for a forceful Windows 10 update

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

A woman from California working for a travel agency has sued the Tech mogul for forcefully updating her PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. She said that her computer locked her out after the update and forced her to incur losses off to, $17,000.

Microsoft, on the other hand, insisted that they did not do anything wrong. However, they opted to settle to avoid a long chain of court hearings and further expenditures. She said that she did not accept to update her PC, and Microsoft forcefully breached her “download and update rights.”

This is not the first time Microsoft has been taken to court because of wrongful updates. They are offering a free trial for all their Microsoft users as the attempts to move all their one billion users to their latest update.

We understand you care deeply about what happens to your device,” writes Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s blogger. “This is why, regardless of your upgrade path, you can choose to upgrade or decline the offer.”

Many have complained that all the tabs on the request to upgrade would automatically lead to you accepting the update. One user complained that suffice him cling on the red X to cancel the update, his PC proceeded to download the update.

Experts insist that instead of Microsoft forcing updates on their users they should try and find out why only 300 million of their over one billion users have declined to update. Of the over 700 million remaining many have decided to stick with Windows 7 as they feel that this is the best performing upgrade.