Microsoft submerges your data

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 5 years ago

Microsoft, one of the heavyweights in the data industry, deals with millions of megabytes of data daily. With the new age of cloud storage, this number is set to grow tremendously. For this reason, the company is looking for economical, yet creative ways to store its data.
The latest innovation is by using data submarine capsules as mediums of data storage. The project named Project Natick, was launched in 2015 but has only become viable this year. The capsules will be steel containers with a layer of nitrogen gas below the metal to make the cooling more efficient. The cases will be designed to last for five years without any maintenance or any management. ” Project Natick vessels are designed to last for 20 years.” Said The Company’s R&D department, “it will be coming out of the water every five years only to change servers.”
Such data banks require sufficient amount of cooling and a cooling agent. Microsoft views the ocean water as the ideal coolant. Another reason the sea floor is so viable is that the water acts as a shock absorber keeping the capsule safe and away from physical damage. Many countries are adjacent to the ocean or a big water body. This will help the company have less data storage capsules to govern a wider area.
The most significant advantage is that the device will be relatively small resulting in rapid manufacture and deployment of the vessel. Microsoft experts are predicting the container will be made and deployed in 90 days.