Microsoft to pull the plug on Windows XP support

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 7 years ago

In the eyes of many computer users, Windows XP was the last good operating system that Microsoft ever put out. The follow-up, Windows Vista, was fraught with bugs and urged thousands of Microsoft users to jump ship and switch to Mac. Windows 7, meanwhile, improved Microsoft’s stock notably and essentially offered a better and more usable version of Vista, while Windows 8 brought along a thorough redesign that has both supporters and detractors.

Still, for many users, Windows XP has remained the Windows operating system. Many people who only sign onto their computers periodically, or who use their desktops primarily for non-internet uses, continue to use Windows XP to this day – even though it’s been over 12 years since the operating system released to the public. After all, for older computers that have managed to survive until now with performance intact, there has been no reason for an operating system update. XP does what it does well, despite the fact the most computers running it are slow and obsolete at this point.

Despite the unexpected durability of Windows XP, though, the age of that particular operating system finally seems to be coming to a close. According to a Fox News report, Microsoft is planning on pulling the plug on XP. That means that the software giant will no longer be providing updates for Microsoft XP, updates which work to keep the operating system running smoothly and protect it from outside internet threats.

In the estimation of Fox News consultant Kim Komando, the end of support for Microsoft XP is the end of its usefulness for anyone who wants to use the internet. On April 8 of this year, Microsoft’s support of the XP operating system will officially end. Within a matter of days, hackers will develop viruses and Trojan Horse programs built to attack the operating system in new ways. Since XP will no longer be getting updates, it will also be unable to protect itself from all new threats developed after April 8. The result will be a vulnerable operating system that could expose users to any number of dangers if they continue to use it to surf the internet.

As Komando states, using an XP computer to manage photos or do simple word processing tasks is fine. Any internet use, on the other hand, will risk password theft, advanced virus attacks, or worse. In other words, it’s time for most XP owners to finally spring for a new computer and move into a new age of operating systems.