Mid-range Pixel Phone to launch from Google this summer

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

Alongside the Home Smart speakers, Google Home Mini, and premium Pixelbook laptop that will be released in India this month, Google is taking initiatives to launch a mid-range Pixel Phone in July. With an anticipated debut by Google this summer, The Economic Times reports Google will direct its focus on other price-sensitive markets as progression is made within this technology.

With a recent concentration on non-premium smartphones, such as the Android Go, the offer for a diverse selection of hardware with assorted price points is foreseeable by Google. Adding India as an expansion point for the Pixel product line increases its viability within the hardware sector. The country’s current Internet evolution will help Google leverage and inflate its competitive mark in the international smartphone market, with the contingency of these distribution expansions.

Trade meetings occurred in the United States, the UK, and Malaysia, where additional Indian vendors procured an active part in the deliberations of these potential expansions. According to one of these sources, Google has goals to expand laterally with the Reliance Jio 4G network in an attempt to leverage the greatest possibilities for both the premium and non-premium products.

Additional senior industry executives of reports the late summer launch of Google’s mid-range smartphone, with a customary November release of the new Pixel. Conceptually, Google is actively working towards a strategy to intersect the automated market with Nest products within a year.

With a low saturation in India’s emerging market, Google shows no plans to become massively aggressive within the automated product space. Demonstrated goals within the country revolve around the procurement of a significant retail existence in India and other emerging markets while developing its product.