Mozilla Firefox develops voice-controlled web browser termed Scout

Avatar By Le Williams | 3 years ago

Firefox creator Mozilla reveals its development strategy involving a browser controlled entirely by human voice, according to Wednesday’s reports by CNET.

Project Scout enables users to explore the internet without using a touch screen, a mouse, or a keyboard. The non-profit envisions a sample command, emulating, “Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears,” CNET reports.

A recent all-hands meeting revealed Scout for the first time to its employees. A Mozilla spokesperson told Business Insider that Scout was an “early stage project.”

“We look forward to discussing these efforts publicly when they are further developed,” the spokesperson added.

Tamara Hills, a Mozilla programmer, delivered the Scout presentation on Wednesday. Hill has worked on the nonprofit’s earlier efforts to build software for connected devices like kitchen appliances.

Mozilla makes attempts to reinvigorate its competitiveness in several ways, with the greatest release demonstrated through the “Quantum” versions of the Firefox browser that are being fundamentally rebuilt for speed through a years-long project.

The first Firefox Quantum version arrived in November, but work continues to overhaul other parts of the browser.

While Amazon, Google, and Apple are pushing forward with voice assistants, including Amazon’s popular Alexa, Mozilla will be the first to start seriously developing a voice-based web browser.