New iPhone leak confirms Apple’s major obstacle

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Qualcomm financial chief George Davis used the company’s earnings call to reveal Apple has chosen to use objectively inferior hardware in core components of its new iPhones, as noted by CNet.

While consumers remain enthusiastic about Apple upcoming iPhones, touting new sizes and world-first technologies, the highlighted advantage involves Apple’s larger price cuts.

As a result, the disadvantage for Apple is noted in its overall revenue, fluctuating shares, and notable competition strategies, which leads to questionable product quality in forthcoming releases.

“Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release,” explained Davis.

This competitor is Intel and independent testing has repeatedly shown this month that Qualcomm modems deliver vastly better real-world 3G and 4G performance compared to Intel modems. For example, almost 500,000 user tests on T-Mobile and 570,000 user tests on AT&T showed typical download speeds to be 53-68% faster while worst-case download speeds were 97-192% faster.

Apple and Qualcomm are currently involved in a long-running and increasingly caustic legal battle over patent infringements and royalty disputes. As such, rather than work it out, the two companies have parted ways and everyone – Apple, Qualcomm, and each new iPhone buyer – loses.

This year, Qualcomm will launch its first 5G smartphone modem, while Intel is a year behind. CNet sources report, “This disparity looks set to continue for iPhone customers for years to come.”

The reports and statements demonstrate a challenge towards the upcoming iPhone range, which includes a second generation 5.8-inch iPhone X, massive 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and budget iPhone X-inspired model some are dubbing the ‘iPhone 9’.