Nintendo’s new Labo Kit looks like next-gen Pilotwings

Avatar By Le Williams | 1 year ago

Nintendo has announced the coming release of a new kit in its Nintendo Labo line of cardboard creations this September. The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will add cardboard-based controllers for a car, submarine and plane to the lineup of Toy-Cons that Nintendo fans can build and play with on Switch.

Also included in the Vehicle Kit will be a Toy-Con pedal and a pair of Toy-Con keys that players can assemble. With the second key, “players can even invite a co-pilot along on their in-game journey,” Nintendo said in a press release.

Each of the three-vehicle kit Toy-Cons will feature its own controls and special moves, Nintendo said. The Toy-Con car steering wheel will include a cord that players can pull to pop a wheelie, while the Toy-Con submarine controller will include a button that players can press to launch a grappling hook.

You can see the Vehicle Kit in action, including some special moves for the Toy-Con car that involve a buzzsaw and a bomb-tossing arm, in a new video released by Nintendo today.

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will be released on September 14th and will cost $69.99, the same price as the previously released Variety Kit.

“Frankly this just looks like a humongous bargain. Perhaps the most humongous of all time. $70 gets you a whole fold-up steering assembly with shifters on the sides; a pedal that I really hope stands up to some serious stomping; a joystick for piloting a plane, a weird thing that controls a submarine; and a “key” that your Joy-Con fits into, which itself slots into the various other setups to activate them,” Devin Coldewey of Tech Crunch notes.

Nintendo launched its Labo line in April with the Variety Kit and Robot Kit. Nintendo also released a creative software suite known as Toy-Con Garage at launch that allowed Nintendo Switch owners to create and program their own DIY Toy-Con creations.