Oculus’ VR TV hub launches on Oculus Go

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Oculus confirms the official launch of its dedicated hub for watching flatscreen video in virtual reality named Oculus TV on the standalone Oculus Go headset.

Oculus announced the premiere of Oculus TV at last month’s F8 conference, connecting existing VR video options, and highlighting Oculus’ attempts to emphasize non-gaming uses of VR.

The free app features a virtual home theater which Oculus declared the equivalent of a 180-inch TV screen. It offers access to several streaming video services, including subscription-based platforms like Showtime and free web television services like Pluto TV as well as video from Oculus’ parent company Facebook.

Users have access to watch various non-VR video on Oculus Go; Showtime, Netflix, and Hulu have standalone apps, for instance. The apps will simply launch from within Oculus Go, rather than being directly merged with it. Oculus TV supports Pluto TV, Red Bull TV, and Facebook Video, so users can access things like NBC News’ Pluto TV channel or original shows from Facebook Watch either alone or with headset-equipped friends.

Presently, Oculus TV seems mostly designed to raise the profile of VR television and to establish it as a central Oculus service, not just a collection of apps. Drawbacks continue to exists, such as the 180-inch screen, which will appear rather blurred with the Oculus Go’s limited resolution.

Notably, Oculus TV does not support YouTube, which is only available on the Oculus Rift through Steam.