Airbnb delays IPO
AIrbnb shakeup: CFO is stepping down top female executive Belinda Johnson promoted to company's first COO and company delays initial public offering.
Kushner family business fined for falsifying real estate paperwork
President Trump's son-in-law and current adviser Jared Kushner Companies has been hit with $210 000 fines.
Xbox is losing the video game console war: report
Microsoft's Xbox One video game console is being significantly outsold by Sony's PlayStation 4.
U.S. consider exempting countries from Iranian oil sanctions
Washington has signaled for the first time that it might consider exempting countries from U.S. sanctions.
Trump threatens tariffs on $200 billion Chinese products as trade war looms: reports
In another dramatic move, President Trump has threatened Monday to levy tariffs on nearly all of China's products.
GM signs direct contract with Henry Ford Health System
General Motors Co. just inked a deal with Henry Ford Health System to roll out a new health care option for employees of the Detroit automaker.
Spangler Candy Company wins bid for Necco Wafter in bankruptcy auction
Spangler will purchase Necco for $18,830,000, beating out three other bidders for the candy company.
Skype receives call recording feature in newest 8.0 release
Skype's desktop app receives a new mobile-like design today, which includes iPad devices and an expanded file sharing size.
Lyft ramps up car rental program for all drivers
Lyft partners with Avis Car Rental, in an effort to reduce the amount of car ownership in the United States.
Microsoft retains Skype 'classic' support after backlash
Skype 7's support discontinuance has been temporarily delayed, following a profoundly negative customer feedback.
Google Bulletin app will allow anyone to post local news
Google's new Bulletin app could change the way people post local news.
Fitbit releases first fitness tracker for kids
The new Fitbit Ace is similar to the previous Fitbit Alta
Google deletes 58 accounts with ties to Iran
The update follows similar take-downs by Facebook and Twitter, which revealed calculated misinformation campaigns by Russian and Iranian accounts.
Are Ford and GM about to blast off?
Strong sales could prompt the big Detroit automakers to put a foot on the gas as the economy rebounds.
Are Airpods a 'runaway success'?
According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, AirPods have been a great success so far.
Google accelerates machine learning into ad tools
Google Inc. will offer more machine-learning products to help advertisers create personalized search ads, boost shopping, and local campaigns.
Apple's CEO Cook Given pay cut as sales slump
The compensation package went from $10.3 million for the past year to $8.7 million for the fiscal year that ended in September.
GM's new electric cars may upstage Tesla
The new model will roll out by 2021 and will be the basis for many more electric models by 2023, she added, predicting that the company will be producing a million electric vehicles annually within the decade.
Apple stocks drop on Sept. 25 setting off declines in the stock market
Declines in all three stock indexes worst since July 31: Analysts and investors are not alarmed.
2.3M Bitcoin addresses targeted by malware
Addresses stored on Windows Clipboard remain exposed to a 'clipboard hijacking' event associated with Bitcoin malware.
Galaxy Note 9 to launch ahead of schedule
Samsung reports an early release of their next generation Galaxy smartphones in wake of low sales.
Alphabet launches company to combat cyber security
Chronicle is Alphabet's attempting at combating cyber security.
Artificial muscles could one day help robots lift massive objects
A team of researchers has created a new artificial muscle that could help robots lift far beyond their own body weight.
Kroger to buy meal kit company Home Chef
Kroger will purchase Home Chef for $200 million and offer its meal kits online and select stores initially.
Tiffany & Co. is thriving with shares up 18.3 percent
Tiffany attributes its growth to new jewelry collections and a renewed focus on its brand.
U.S.-China begins largest trade war in history: reports
China has retaliates with tariffs on U.S. goods as the largest trade war in history began.
Elon Musk defends plan to terraform Mars following NASA report
Elon Musk is sticking to his goal of sending passengers to Mars by 2024.
Rising gas prices reduce summer travel plans for Americans
Americans can expect to pay another $200 for fuel this summer versus last summer, according to AAA.
Headphone company Ossic shuts doors and disses funders of $3.2 million Kickstarter campaign
Ossic said on its website that it was out of money and could secure more funding to continue it headphone development.
Verizon quietly launches new affordable phone carrier service to keep up with customers
The new Visible service costs only $40 a month and includes unlimited talk, text, and data.
NTSB to investigate another Tesla crash
The 2014 Tesla Model S ran off the road, hit a concrete wall, and caught on fire, killing two and injuring another.
Oreo introduces three new cookie flavors as part of #MyOreoCreation contest
The three new cookie flavors are cherry cola, kettle corn, and pina colada.
Budweiser launches new Freedom Reserve Red Lager for a limited time
The limited-edition beer will be available in May through Sept 30 or until supplies run out.
Gibson files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Gibson will shutter its consumer-electronics division as part of the restructuring process.
Facebook reveals data-sharing VIPs
US lawmakers grant Facebook a Friday deadline towards responding to data access investigations from congress.
Chrome 68 registers 'not secure' markers on unencrypted pages
Two years after Chrome announced a plan to promote the use of secured (HTTPS) pages across the browser, Chrome version 68 will now register all unencrypted, non-HTTPS pages as "not secure".
Google Docs' new AI-based tool fixes grammar errors
Google advances user support tools by releasing a new 'grammar suggestions' feature in its word processor, Docs.
New iPhone leak confirms Apple's major obstacle
Apple's apparent move to source its chips from one supplier and ongoing legal battles highlight substantial implications and concerns for future iPhone performance.
Samsung promotes radical Galaxy Note 9 upgrades
Samsung hints towards a larger battery for the Galaxy Note 9, set to unveil August 9.
Nintendo's new Labo Kit looks like next-gen Pilotwings
Toy-Con car, submarine, and plane kits are coming to Nintendo Switch September 14th.

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