Passenger pigeons may have only been able to thrive in huge flocks
A new study gives insight into why the passenger pigeon went extinct.
Astronomers find remnant of 600-year-old nova
Based on the Korean astronomers' description of the phenomenon, scientists today believe the outburst occurred in a binary system that contained a dead, highly dense white dwarf star and a companion.
More screen time connected to increase in teen depression, suicide
A new study shows a link between teen depression and personal electronic use.
Stargazer alert: Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend
The Leonid meteor shower should produce about 15 meteors per hour on the peak night between midnight and dawn on Nov. 18.
Energy drinks can be harmful to health, study says
A new study finds that energy drinks are associated with increases in blood pressure, sleep problems, weight gain, a higher risk for diabetes, kidney damage, tooth decay, anxiety, and substance abuse.
Alien civilizations may be trying to contact us: Astronomers
Some scientists are reporting "fast radio bursts" that might be alien civilizations trying to communicate.
Doctors attempt to gene-edit a living patient for first time
Doctors have made a first attempt to gene-edit inside a living patient.
Study uncovers mystery behind Pluto's cold weather
Pluto's haze could be the reason the dwarf planet is so cold.
100-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica in 'excellent condition'
Conservators with the Antarctic Heritage Trust, based in New Zealand, recently found the fruitcake in a hut at Cape Adare, the oldest building in Antarctica.
Artificial cooling could do more harm than good, study reports
A group of researchers have found that proposed plans to cool the Earth and fight global warming could actually spark more severe weather patterns in certain parts of the world.
15,000 scientists issue dire warning to humanity
Time is running out to save planet, say more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries.
Boys, girls are equally good at math, researchers say
While women are underrepresented in STEM fields, it is not because their brains aren't good at science and math, according to researchers.
Study suggests narwhals and beluga whales experience menopause
Narwhals and beluga whales experience menopause, which brings the total number of species known to experience the process to five.
Sleeping five hours or less connected to doubled risk of heart disease, study says
A new study links heart disease to lack of sleep in middle-aged men.
Researchers just discovered a fossilized turtle with no shell
Researchers uncovered a turtle species that doesn't possess the animal's characteristic shell.
Ancient meteorites reveal mysteries of early Milky Way
A new study examines organic materials to reveal the mysteries of the Milky Way.
Opioid alternatives increase risk of suicide
Increased use of non-opioid drugs may be contributing to rising suicide rates.
Superfast star found leaving Milky Way at 1,700km per second
A star is flying fast and it's heading outside the galaxy.
Scientists explores what would happen if Earth was made of blueberries
A new study explores what would happen if the Earth spontaneously transformed into blueberries.
NASA to air Boeing Starliner abort test
NASA TV will live a massive abort test this week.
Excess antimatter does not originate from nearby pulsars, study reports
Astronomers have managed to cross off one potential source for antimatter.
Owning a dog could lengthen your life
A new study has found a link between dog ownership and good cardiovascular health.
Urban trees grow faster than rural ones, study reports
New research sheds light on why urban trees grow faster than ones in the country.
NASA predicts which cities will flood as ice sheets melt
NASA's new simulation tool analyzes Earth's gravitational field and rate of spin to produce a more accurate prediction of how meltwater will be distributed around the planet.
Astronomers discover extremely luminous nova
First nova ever found in Small Magellanic Cloud is studied in multiple wavelengths.
Dog owners live longer, study says
A new study shows that single dog owners had a 33 percent reduction in risk of death and 11 percent reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease compared to single non-dog owners.
Alaska coastal towns endangered by rising sea levels as climate-change aid dries up
Shishmaref's residents voted in August to relocate to the mainland, but they have no funding to do so. Newtok requested federal funds in January to help its residents relocate but has so far been left emptyhanded.
ALMA photographs debris ring around young star Formalhaut
Disk's chemical composition is strangely similar to that of comets in our solar system.
A new plankton species has been uncovered in the Canadian Arctic
For the first time in history, scientists have uncovered a type of Monstrilla plankton in Canada.
99-million-year-old baby bird found trapped in amber
The fossilized hatchling was a member of the bird group known as enantiornithes, which disappeared along with dinosaurs some 65 million years ago.
Plastic pollution reaches the bottom of the ocean
New research reveals that plastic debris effects even the deepest ocean ecosystems.
Arctic ice may be melting faster than expected, study reports
A new study shows that past research may have underestimated the pace at which the arctic ice is melting.
'Snowball Earth' may have helped give rise to Earth's first animals
Those new conditions perfectly allowed algae to spread across the globe. That then created the burst of energy needed for more complex organisms to thrive.
Alcohol consumption raises cancer risk, doctors warn
Reducing alcohol use greatly reduces cancer risks, a leading organization of U.S. cancer doctors said in a statement Tuesday. The statement cited research that finds that one or more alcoholic beverages a day increases risks of breast cancer.
Venice grapples with sea-level rise
Venice is struggling with rising sea levels.
Diet has fast impacts on sperm quality
Men could boost their own fertility in just one to two weeks just by cleaning up their diet.
Space Force Ensure U.S. Control of the 'High Ground,' Says Trump
President Trump and officials praise the newly forming Space Force.
Scientist undergoes brain operation to cure alcoholism
A disease researcher with a deadly drinking habit credits a brain operation with giving him his life back.
The Amazon is starting to 'self-destruct,' scientists warn
The Amazon needs a major intervention, a scientific magazine warns.
Global warming 'hiatus' is about to end, study says
A new study suggests that the Earth is about to exit its global warming "hiatus" and experience higher temperatures.

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