Mars' oceans formed much earlier than previously believed
A new study gives compelling evidence that Mars once had a series of ancient oceans.
NASA papers guide search for extraterrestrial life
Network of scientists discuss search for biosignatures on exoplanets.
Milky Way has merged with numerous galaxies
Studying globular clusters gives scientists insight into galaxy's history.
Astronomers find remnant of 600-year-old nova
Based on the Korean astronomers' description of the phenomenon, scientists today believe the outburst occurred in a binary system that contained a dead, highly dense white dwarf star and a companion.
Enceladus's subsurface ocean harbors complex organic molecules
Saturn moon is now the only solar system location other than Earth to meet all requirements for microbial life.
Alien civilizations may be trying to contact us: Astronomers
Some scientists are reporting "fast radio bursts" that might be alien civilizations trying to communicate.
Interstellar 'Oumuamua now believed to be a comet
Material ejected via outgassing is causing object to travel faster than expected through the solar system.
Models estimate size of neutron stars
Researchers have discovered how big neutron stars are able to grow.
100-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica in 'excellent condition'
Conservators with the Antarctic Heritage Trust, based in New Zealand, recently found the fruitcake in a hut at Cape Adare, the oldest building in Antarctica.
The Best Travel Apps, Period
We noted which apps require pay, so if we don't mention it, it's free and available to iOS or Android users, unless otherwise noted.
Study suggests narwhals and beluga whales experience menopause
Narwhals and beluga whales experience menopause, which brings the total number of species known to experience the process to five.
Elizabeth Warren unloads on Facebook
Warren goes after Facebook...again.
Facebook admits data security breach
Facebook announces more security breaches.
Google to stop indexing Flash content in late 2019
Google announces it will end Flash support.
Xbox is losing the video game console war: report
Microsoft's Xbox One video game console is being significantly outsold by Sony's PlayStation 4.
Extinct cave bear DNA discovered in living bears
A new study reveals the DNA of an extinct cave bear species in living bears.
Human prehistoric ancestors mated with each other, study says
A new study suggests that our ancient human ancestors mated with each other more frequently than we thought.
Asteroid that killed dinosaurs also caused mass shark extinction, study says
A new study sheds light on the effect of the dinosaur-killing asteroid on the evolution of sharks.
Scientists transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs
Scientists just created bioengineered lungs and transplanted them into adult pigs, which has experts hopeful for human applications.
Study examines how jumping genes cause disease and drive evolution
A new study examines jumping genes and their connection to evolution and disease.
Most asteroids come from a few ancient planetesimals
Eighty-five percent of inner main belt asteroids come from five or six ancient objects.
Ancient volcanoes formed Mars's Medussae Fossae region
Volcanic eruptions could have warmed Mars enough for its surface to have supported liquid water.
Astronomers discover extremely luminous nova
First nova ever found in Small Magellanic Cloud is studied in multiple wavelengths.
Alaska coastal towns endangered by rising sea levels as climate-change aid dries up
Shishmaref's residents voted in August to relocate to the mainland, but they have no funding to do so. Newtok requested federal funds in January to help its residents relocate but has so far been left emptyhanded.
ALMA photographs debris ring around young star Formalhaut
Disk's chemical composition is strangely similar to that of comets in our solar system.
Cyanobacteria study provides insight into future Mars colonization
Bacteria that conduct photosynthesis could provide human colonists with breathable air on other worlds.
NASA project could help search for extraterrestrial life
A new project headed by NASA could help astronomers get a better picture of what to search for when looking for extraterrestrial life.
99-million-year-old baby bird found trapped in amber
The fossilized hatchling was a member of the bird group known as enantiornithes, which disappeared along with dinosaurs some 65 million years ago.
'Snowball Earth' may have helped give rise to Earth's first animals
Those new conditions perfectly allowed algae to spread across the globe. That then created the burst of energy needed for more complex organisms to thrive.
Study: Trapping atoms in a laser beam offers a new way to measure gravity
The technique can measure slight gravitational variations, which could help in mapping terrain.
Chrissy Teigen joins other celebrities in Snapchat 'boycott'
The company has faced much controversy since a new layout and design was released for the app in February.
Galaxy Note 9 to launch ahead of schedule
Samsung reports an early release of their next generation Galaxy smartphones in wake of low sales.
Artificial muscle makes soft robots stronger
A new type of artificial muscle allows soft robots to lift nearly 1,000 times their own weight.
Artificial muscles could one day help robots lift massive objects
A team of researchers has created a new artificial muscle that could help robots lift far beyond their own body weight.
A SpaceX capsule has successfully docked with the International Space Station
Despite the challenges, SpaceX was back at it in January with the successful launch of Falcon 9 which took place at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
Uber launches Uber Money
Uber launches a financial arm.
Experts say 'alien' mummy study was flawed, crossed ethical line
A new study suggests that the infamous 2013 "alien mummy" paper was severely flawed.
Study says learning to lie has cognitive benefits
Research suggests that learning to lie has beneficial effects on the developing brain of children.
Researchers discover way to turn any blood type to universal O
A team of Canadian researchers just discovered a method that could turn any blood type to universal O.

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