Parents now hire Fortnite tutors to win games

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently found several families are now hiring tutors to teach their children how to win at Fortnite. The report says some are paying upward of $50 an hour for video game experts to help their kids with their playing skills.

In an effort to support their children in becoming more competitive at the biggest battle royale game in existence, dozens of parents have taken to hiring coaches to help them increase their skills.

Additionally, various parents who want to join their kids in these games are hiring their own coach to help them get better as well.

Parents have reported that hiring video game coaches would be the same as hiring coaches to help with basketball or other activities.

Notably, Shaun McGleun of Hot Hardware notes additional focuses and adds other probable reasons involving the use of gaming tutors.

“Some people are up in arms over the thought of a parent paying money to help their kids get better in a video game. Some find the practice sad and bordering on bad parenting. Parents likely felt the same way when the first board games were invented. There are lots of valid reasons why kids may spend time playing games. Some kids just don’t like competitive physical sports, plain and simple. Perhaps the kids are in an area where there are no other kids to play with. As the father of teens, I can tell you, kids today see very little difference in a friend they talk to online and one they talk to in person. We’re all just connected,” McGleun expresses.

There exists the opportunity that their children may become good enough at the game, resulting in a chance to win a part of a $100 million competitive prize pool.

The game exploded to more than 125 million players in a matter of months, developer Epic Games says, and is now set to offer $100 million worth of prize money to be split among events at different levels of qualifying competition across the world.