Police in China now using facial recognition smart glasses

Avatar By Susan Konig | 3 years ago

Police in China are using smart glasses to identify potential crime suspects.

The country already has the world’s largest surveillance operation with approximately 170 CCTV cameras at work. But its view is about to get even broader thanks to new smart eyewear that is being piloted by police officers.

The smart glasses closely resemble Google Glass, but they are used for identifying potential crime suspects. They connect to a feed which taps into China’s state database to root out potential criminals using facial recognition technology. Officers can identify suspects in a crowd by snapping their photo and matching it to the database. They are also provided with the individual’s address, the BBC reports.

The technology has already facilitated the capture of seven individuals, while 35 others using fake IDs are said to have been found, according to Chinese state media reports.

The glasses have been released in Zhengzhou, the capital of central province Henan, where they have been used to surveil those traveling by plane and train, according to the Wall Street Journal. With Chinese New Year, the world’s largest human migration, coming later this month, they could be used to surveil the hundreds of millions of people who travel the country, and beyond, for the holiday period.