Roku launches into the speaker market

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Roku has announced its initiatives within the speaker market, spawning the new Roku TV Wireless Speakers, which are designed to work exclusively with Roku TVs.

Known for its lineup of affordable set-top boxes that support the most popular over-the-top (OTT) streaming services and OTT platform, Roku will leverage the integration of a premium audio experience, the company explained through their press report.

Consumers will now experience an easier setup, with a well-synced audio and video platform.

Roku notes that a quarter of all TVs sold in the U.S. in the first quarter were Roku TVs. With a potentially large addressable market for the speakers, the new products feature Bluetooth, which allows users to stream music from their mobile devices.

Along with a standard Roku Remote, a new Roku Touch is also included, which is a small puck-sized remote that is supposed to sit on a tabletop and can recognize voice commands.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers are expected to ship in late October.

In releasing the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, Roku is looking to compete with the likes of Sonos, one of the dominant players in the premium home audio market.

Importantly, Roku TV Wireless Speakers are determinedly not smart speakers, as the product does not integrate directly with any music-streaming services, and lacks an embedded virtual assistant.

The company reports that it is working on the Roku Entertainment Assistant.

Leading up to launch, Roku will be offering promotional pricing of $150 starting today through July 23, 2018, and then $180 from July 24, 2018, through Oct. 15, 2018.