Samsung Galaxy Note 9 brings longer battery life and Fortnite

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Noted as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung debuts the Galaxy Note 9 as a modernized addition to its smartphone generations.

Premiering in stores on August 24, the Note 9 will become available for pre-order starting Friday, offering the same look and feel of other Note devices.

The most highlighted features that gain consumer’s attention is its all-day battery life, a smarter camera, and beta access Epic Games most successful entertainment app.

Galaxy owners will be the first Android users to get access to the immensely popular game Fortnite. Fanatics with an S7 phone and above can check out Fortnite Beta on Android beginning Thursday.

The “intelligent camera” knows what you’re photographing and automatically enhances the image’s colors and focus. No photo editing necessary.

The camera uses artificial intelligence to identify up to 20 types of scenes, including landscapes, food, flowers and people.

Hover the camera over, say, a plate of fries, and a fork and spoon icon appears above the flash symbol, indicating it recognizes what’s in the image. It then enhances saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast depending on the setting.

The Note 9 gets a big upgrade when it comes to battery life. According to Samsung’s website, the company promises users that they will be able to go all day before it is time to recharge.

Since the Note 8 device launched last year, the company introduced an eight-step battery safety check process and additional testing from a third-party safety company.

Presently, no one has reported any problems with the Note 8. Additionally, analysts do not foresee problems with the Note 9, such as the explosive batteries and fires in the past.