Slack releases Windows 95 app

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Felix Rieseberg, a software engineer at Slack has released Windows 95 as an app for Windows, Mac or Linux. It’s a 100MB Electron app that you can install and run on Windows, Mac or even Linux computers.

In a GitHub post, developer Felix Rieseberg explains that you’ll get the full Windows 95 experience after installing and running the new Electron app. The size of the Windows 95 Electron app is around 100MB and it actually works well on Windows 10 devices.

“I put Windows 95 into an Electron app that now runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It’s a terrible idea that works shockingly well. I’m so sorry,” developer Felix Rieseberg writes in a tweet.

BGR notes how Internet Explorer is not operable with the new app. “Unfortunately, not every program that Rieseberg included in the package works. For example, you can open Internet Explorer, but you can’t actually get it to load any pages, as the app won’t connect to the internet,” BGR details.

Interested users can visit the GitHub page to download Windows 95 Electron app package for Windows, Mac or Linux. With access to a Windows computer, users will need to download the Windows 95 Setup exe and double-click the app to use it.

“The app its only 129MB in size and you can download it over at Github for both macOS and Windows. Once it’s running it surprisingly only takes up around 200MB of RAM, even when running all of the old Windows 95 system utilities, apps, and games. If you run into any issues with the app you can always reset the Windows 95 instance inside the app and start over again,” The Verge explains.