Snapchat’s in-app store shows off commerce potential

Avatar By Joseph Scalise | 3 years ago

Snapchat has launched a new merchandise store that they hope will prove to outside companies that they have in-app commerce potential. 

The new Snap Store — which is in the Snapchat app’s Discover section — allows users to buy different Snapchat related merchandise, including a $20 Dancing Hot Dog Plushie and a $30 Dog Lens T-Shirt.

While the company hopes the store catches on, it is not designed to be a serious revenue stream just yet. Rather, it seems to be a move to build brand loyalty while also getting some free advertising for Snap Inc., Tech Crunch reports.

However, if the store proves to be successful, Snap would be able to bring outside companies into the commerce. If that catches on, more and more brands would use the store and generate large revenue streams for the company.

Snapchat has previously sold a few items through Amazon, and it has also sold Spectacles camera sunglasses through its Snap Bots, pop-up shops, and retail partnerships. However, most of that merchandise has been ported over to the in-app store.

There are only a few products in the Snap Store right now, but that will likely increase over time. Snap Inc. did not hit their revenue goals last quarter and they want to make moves to get back on track. Though it would need to sell quite a bit of merchandise in order to do that, there is no doubt that they could should the store catch on.

It is not easy to seamlessly integrate commerce into a mobile setting, but if Snapchat is able to make it happen they could bring shopping right into the social experience. In addition, as check-out happens entirely within the app, there is a chance the company could also be building a database to help facilitate future purchases.