Social learning platform Flipgrid coming to Microsoft

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 3 years ago

Microsoft has acquired Flipgrid, according to Tech Crunch. Flip grid is a social education app that “utilizes short video clips to create collaborative lesson plans.” The startup is based out of Minneapolis, and was originally known as Vidku. The company has seen strong growth and has been referred to as “Instagram and Snapchat for the classroom.” It has been reported that there has been an 800 percent year-over-year growth in teacher accounts.

By adding this to their portfolio, Microsoft seems to be making a move to get back into the education market and compete with the likes of Google, which has been dominating with it’s widely used Chromebook. Microsoft also has released an educational variant of Windows 10, and before that, Minecraft Education Edition.

Microsoft VP Eran Megiddo said in a press release that “we’re thrilled to see the impact Flipgrid has had in social learning thus far and look forward to helping them continue to thrive as part of the Microsoft family.”

It is still unclear exactly how Flipgrid will fit into their broader education plans, but the company has already integrated the app into Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education. The app will be provided free cost to schools, as in the Office 365 Education service.  If you’ve already purchased an account, they will be offering you a refund. More details will be coming next year at the Flipgrid education office, and terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.