Sony claims American PlayStation 4 sales doubled Xbox One’s in January

Avatar By Billy Kirk | 7 years ago

Sony has claimed that sales of their new PlayStation 4 home video game console have continued to outpace rival offerings, noting that American PlayStation 4 sales in January were “nearly doubling the nearest next-gen competitor”, a clear shot at the performance of Microsoft’s Xbox One video game system.

Microsoft has not yet gone on record regarding the sales of the Xbox One in January, and has not yet refuted Sony’s claim that the PS4 sold twice as many units as the Kinect-enabled device at the beginning of the year. The attach rate, or number of games purchased on average by an owner of the Xbox One, has been quoted as “2.7” by Microsoft. Further January sales information for America does not exist.

As for Nintendo, specific numbers are not yet available, although Wii U software sales are reportedly up 26 per cent year-on-year, while sales of Nintendo’s portable, the 3DS, are up roughly 6 per cent year-on-year. The 3DS overall has been performing better than its home console Wii U counterpart, however.

The strong early performance of the PlayStation 4 in America is a solid turnaround for Sony versus the early performance of the PlayStation 3 in the States. Sony’s PS3 suffered from a higher price point than its rival the Xbox 360, and also took a hit due to the inherent difficulty involved in developing games for the platform. Sony’s PS4 specifically addressed these two issues upon its release late in 2013, and this combined with several Microsoft marketing missteps have led to an early lead for Sony’s machine, both domestically and worldwide.