Sony’s E3 2018 six biggest announcements

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

Sony’s annual PlayStation E3 press conference has concluded today, with a plethora of new looks at immensely anticipated upcoming games, highly engaging the audience with announcements.

Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox conference, which ran through new game announcements and trailers in a haste, Sony tailored its presentations with less speed.

The publisher primarily focused on five big titles: Spider-Man, Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts 3, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2.
Fans were treated to new trailers for each title, and further teased over how the games will play with new gameplay footage.

The Last of Us Part II trailer bookended with a passionate kiss, displaying extremely refined gameplay for the post-apocalyptic survival game. According to a Gamespot report, the crowd went was filled with excitement towards each close-up hack and slash on the big screen.

Ghost of Tsushima was presented as a samurai story, set during a Mongol invasion, featuring sword to torso action.

Control was represented in a trailer, displaying a real first-person shooter crossed with Inception.

Resident Evil 2, a remake for the popular zombie murdering series, received what may well have been the most excited crowded reaction from the audience. Sony has made preorders available today, with a retail release date for January 2019.

Death Stranding demonstrated the most innovative trailer at the E3 conference, featuring beautiful landscapes and a close-up childbirth. Attendees reported, “Norman Reedus ripping off his toenail was somehow more unsettling than all of the zombie murders of the past half-hour put together.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man Game, which will appear in retail markets this September, received solid face time at the E3 expo. Sony displayed a moderate deal of gameplay, featuring Spider-Man battle some familiar supervillains inside the Raft super prison.