Statistics: Google set to offer significant competition to both iPhone and Samsung

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

Google is primarily a software company. But the cohesion of software and hardware mean that at some point, the two intertwine.

Google at the moment holds 88 percent of all Operation systems. In essence, it is only in the US that iPhones outsell Androids. This creates a large arena for Google to exploit.

It already has billions of customers using their services. Convincing these clients to cross over to Pixel would not be a big asks.

The Pixel in appearance looks like a crossover between the Samsung and iPhone devices. This is no mistake as the company seems to draw massive followers from the two handsets.

Statics show that they have the ability and we will see the market drastically change in early 2017.
But many argue that Google failed terribly in the purchase of Motorola in 2011 for $12.5 billion. Google later sold Motorola for only $3 billion later on. So how will they avoid this with Pixel?

“The latest shot across the bow of the smartphone world puts companies such as Samsung and LG in a terrible spot. This will likely force them to seek business outside of the mobile marketplace, ” Said Eden Chen Venture Beat. “HTC — the original equipment manufacturer of the Pixel — has already started to diversify its portfolio by entering the virtual reality space with its Vive.”

For one Google were not ready for the crossover in 2011. And with Samsung creating the exploding Note 7 while iPhone over experimenting with jack-less phones, this creates a void of uncertified Google can quickly fill.