Steve Wozniak: Tech companies should be broken up

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 12 months ago

Apple’s Steve Wozniak is taking aim at big tech, saying the largest companies need breaking up.

“I am really against monopoly powers being used in unfair, antitrust manners—not opening up the world to equal competition […] and I think that’s happening a lot in Big Tech,” Wozniak told Bloomberg News.

“I’m pretty much in favor of looking into splitting up big companies. I mean, I wish Apple on its own had split up a long time ago and spun off independent divisions to faraway places and let them think independently the way Hewlett Packard did when I worked there,” the Apple cofounder said.

“I think Big Tech has gotten too big, it’s too powerful a force in our life and it’s taken our choices away,” Woz continued.

The apple co-founder focused on tech’s treatment of consumers, saying a plague of security issues over the last several years, along with privacy concerns, necessitates greater oversight.

“If you think you’re getting one level of protection—of your security and your safety and your knowledge about you—you should be getting that level,” Woz said. “If you send mail to somebody and say a few little things, ‘Hey my favorite color is green’ to my wife, well, that should be kinda private. It’s kinda like whispering in an ear. And it shouldn’t be that anyone else had access and heard it.”

Wozniak did have some kind words for his former company, saying Apple’s focus on user privacy should be a standard by which other companies adhere to.

“Making life easy is what we were known for in computers,” Wozniak told Bloomberg News. “And now Apple Pay, the Apple credit card, is even more secure.”