Surprise – Microsoft emerges from 8 year patent suit as the victor

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 5 years ago

Back in 2007, the iPhone had just come out and people were freaking out about Nokia’s latest phone. While most people have left these days far behind, the US International Trade Commission has been stuck there for the last 8 years. According to a report from Engadget, the US ITC has just ruled that a dispute between Microsoft and InterDigital over Nokia’s N95 phones did not constitute copyright infringement.

The dispute stemmed from a disagreement over patents for the then-new 3G cellular technology. The ruling has blocked a potential import ban that would prohibit Microsoft from selling much of its mobile phone inventory in the United States, including the new Lumias.

Microsoft narrowly avoided a hefty settlement or punishment when a judge ruled in April that Microsoft was, in fact, infringing on the patents of InterDigital. Microsoft enlisted its powerful legal team to contest the decision all the way to the top.

The company is grateful for the ruling, which appears to be a final twist of the knife for InterDigital. Microsoft sued the company earlier this year over its alleged “abusive licensing practices.” Microsoft claims that InterDigital is attempting to extort cash that it missed out on years ago from the company, but InterDigital claims that it is aware of its fate, and has been since Nokia fell out of favor with consumers.

InterDigital’s push for an import ban was based on its assumption that the company would be able to collect heavy royalties from a larger phone producer. The loss may be the final nail in the coffin for InterDigital.