Tech companies team up to fight terror

Kramer Phillips By Kramer Phillips | 4 years ago

The internet is a beautiful place, but can be used for very malicious things. Terrorists have found out that by using the Internet they can reach more people with their radicalized messages and reroute even more.
The Taliban and ISIS have been documented to have social media personnel who manage their social media accounts.

On the other hand, these tech companies have been accused of doing little to curb the terror group influence using their sites. Apple came under heavy scrutiny after they declined to open an iPhone 5 that was thought to carry a lot of terror information.

However, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google have no come together to fight terrorism. They have created a database pool that they can all access. Each time an extremist message is posted on one of the sites, and they spot it.

“Throughout this collaboration, we are committed to protecting our users’ privacy and their ability to express themselves freely and safely on our platforms,” the companies said in a statement. “We are looking at ways to prevent the spread of terrorist content online while respecting human rights.”

The can quickly red flag it and place the contents “fingerprint” in the database pool. The other companies can then access the fingerprint and remove the content on their site. If the content is not yet posted, they can use the fingerprint to lock the content from being posted.