Tesla declares world’s most advanced autopilot computer

Avatar By Le Williams | 2 years ago

With a new custom-built chip for the next generation Autopilot, automaker Tesla affirms that the company contains the world’s most advanced computer for autonomous driving’, which will be released in an upgrade to current owners in 2019.

Recently, CEO Elon Musk confirmed Tesla initiatives to innovate its own AI chip. Tesla has procured Pete Bannon as Keller’s replacement, who was amongst the other chip architects hired by Tesla over 2 years ago.

Bannon has now confirmed, during Tesla’s earnings call today, that the automaker has now produced the AI chip with initiatives to launch advanced performances in test vehicles on the road.

In the released statements, Bannon said that the new chip will be released in a new ‘hardware 3’ suite for Autopilot which will take the form of a new computer that will replace the existing computer in the vehicles with Autopilot hardware 2.0 and 2.5, which have been in production since October 2016.

Musk added that he believes that the new computer developed is an order of magnitude better than what they can buy now.

The computer in the Autopilot 2.0 hardware suite is powered by Nvidia GPUs. Musk says that it is capable of processing 200 frames per second and Tesla’s hardware 3 will be able to handle 2,000 frames per second with redundancy.

He explained that they achieved that by building the chip from the ground up to act as a ‘neural network accelerator’ based on the neural net that Tesla’s AI and vision team have been building.

Bannon and Musk reiterated that the new computer will be offered as an upgrade to current Autopilot 2.0 (and up) owners by simply replacing the current computer.