These iOS apps are helping students get better grades

Avatar By Aaron Sims | 5 years ago

With the advent of smartphones, students are in a better position to succeed than ever. According to a report from USA Today, there are currently thousands of apps available for smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can help students get ahead in math, science, English, and social studies.

Many of the educational applications currently available are free, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the grade. Some educational apps focus on specific topics, and others help students stay organized, record ideas, take notes, and even manage their money.

Apps that serve educational purposes are available on iOs, Google’s Android devices, and Windows devices. Here are a few key apps that can help make the difference between an A and an A+. – This free dictionary app allows users to reference words, complete with synonyms, antonyms, and definitions without an internet connection.

Duolingo – This language-learning app offers exercises for students trying to learn French, Spanish, German, Italian, and a long list of other languages from around the world. Brush up on your vocabulary and grammar and earn points to keep the owl happy!

Microsoft Office – Achieve synergy between your mobile device and your PC by using Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly on your phone. Never lose an idea on the go again!

Evernote – This app will help you keep your notes, diagrams, links, and photos all in one spot. It can even photograph a page from a book and convert the image to text!

Try these great educational apps out this year and get organized like a 21st-century student.